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| Grower |

We grow everything ourselves.

Well...sort of.

We do have a business partner: Mother Nature.

Just like a musician works with nature to shape sound into music, we use our decades of experience to work with nature to shape earth into beautiful vegetables, fruits, and grains

(that are Non-GMO, all Organic, and Ethically Sourced).

| Crafter |

After crafting outside, we craft inside.

We take those beautiful:

- vegtables,
- fruits,
- and grains

from the farm to the table -

(well, really from the garden to the kitchen counter, but you know what we mean).

We go inside to create jams and jellies, preserves, and baked goods.

We go inside and use a jar and an oven to bring flavors together like a painter uses a canvas to bring colors together.

| Giver |

We believe that all life is beautiful and deserves kindness.

We also believe there's a lot of stuff in our world that treat people, animals, and the planet like worthless garbage

(stuff like unconscious biases, social norms, and so on and so on...seriously we could talk about this for hours).

So, we put our skills and our beliefs together.

1. We check our entire supply chain to ensure that each part - from seed to jar, from grain to cardboard box - is made ethically, made without hurting:

- people,
- animals,
- or the planet.

2. We do not partner with retailers that support consciously (or unwittingly) unethical business practices, practices that hurt:

- people, employees, suppliers,

- our community, our wildlife, our planet.

[And, yes, that really means - we're not on Amazon.]

3. We give back to our community.

We partner with

- non-profits,
- local businesses,
- and social organizations

to give our food and resources to those who need it most. .

Like how we partnered with Black Lives Matter to bring meals and food to rally organizers and participants.

From our experience, we know that no matter how small something looks, it can hold exponential potential.

But - to unlock that potential -

that small thing has to be planted.

It has to start somewhere.

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